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May in Cuba: French catwalks, Hollywood furious racings and local art fairs

May in Cuba: French catwalks, Hollywood furious racings and local art fairs


In Cuba, May is a very special time of the year to celebrate. The second Sunday of the month is the chosen date to celebrate Mother’s Day, a big one for us. It’s the day all families get together to enjoy themselves: nice food, music, old stories and of course, bunch of flowers to our moms, grandmas or aunties. Usually that’s the main topic in May first weeks but this year, let say Mom has a strong competition.

Every year the fifth month starts with huge marches celebrating the May the 1st, the international worker’s day. As every year, 2016 wasn’t different: thousands of Cubans went to main squares to make the traditional walk. However, Havana is being already revolutionized: Hollywood trucks are placed in every corner of Havana shooting the next movie of one of the biggest box-office hits in history: Fast and Furious. The great Van Diesel is in Havana, Charlize Theron and all the staff too. Cool American cars (and not the old ones) are challenging Malecon avenue pavement and local people is going wild. Youngers (and not so young) can’t avoid queueing to see just a piece of a car racing. Traffic is being diverted in Central and Old Havana, it gets really hard to go anywhere these days in Cuba’s capital without facing a massive traffic jam.


Today, May 3rd the French fashion house Chanel is also making history: Karl Lagerfeld is in Havana showing his cruise collection in an exclusive catwalk placed Havana’s main core. The iconic designer has transformed the “old city”. Paseo del Prado, one of the main avenues in Old Havana is ready to become history; refurbished during last weeks, Prado’s glamour seems to be back. After the eagerly awaited event, an after-party will rock Havana; the chosen location cannot be other than the beautiful Cathedral Square. Surrounded by old and historic buildings, the first country in Latin America to be visited by the French house will eclipse everyone, that’s for sure! But Lagerfeld is going further, he will also unfurl an exhibition of his photography.


Factoria Habana is hosting “Work in Progress” until May 12 as part of a month long celebration of French culture in Cuba organized by the Alliance Française. The 200 photographs are to be grouped according to the subjects that catch Lagerfeld’s eye most — fashion, architecture and landscapes — and reflect his use of a host of cameras and printing techniques. So Havana is getting more than trendy dresses from Chanel.

All these events are making the country vibrate but those are not the only ones. Celebrating Mother’s Day traditions, an art fair is being opened. Cuban artists and exclusive designers are currently showing their latest work at Pabexpo, one of the biggest exposition centres in Havana. It’s the right place to go and buy a spectacular gift for a wonderful mom; highly recommended! Another important fair is about to start: International Tourism Fair. The location is the emblematic Morro Cabaña fortress and It’s the biggest annual tourism event in Cuba.
We’ll talking about it in next articles; until then keep an eye on Cuba, the small island in the Caribbean making real it’s dreams. Contact us at we’ll be glad to help you!