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A trendy alley in Old Havana

A trendy alley in Old Havana

 El Callejón del Chorro (The Stream Alley) is a 30 metres dead end narrow street hosting an Experimental Graph Workshop and great restaurants in the heart of Old Havana, just next to the cathedral. History, art, music and exquisite cuisine are harmoniously living together in this magic spot.



The Stream Alley owns its name to a drainage channel back in the XVI century. This place was the end point of 11 kilometres’ channel, source of water to the entire San Cristobal village (former Havana’s village name) directly connected from Almendares River, the main river of the city (called La Chorrera back in time). This alley was the right place where people living in this part of the city came looking for a plentiful water supply in the Swamp Square, today the magnificent Cathedral Square.

But many years had passed since then. Today El Callejón del Chorro is a perfect spot to chill out and enjoy the greatest pleasures of Havana. An interesting mixture of live music, art galleries and Cuban flavours… literally! In this small area are placed one of the most popular restaurants and cafes in Old Havana. Names like Esto no es un café, restaurant Doña Eutimia and Bianchini Pastry Shop are vastly known in the city; in the first one you’ll probably enjoy one of the most spectacular cocktails in whole Cuba, in Doña Eutimia you´ll try the very best traditional Cuban cuisine in its top level and at Bianchini’s you’ll find one of the best breads and pastries in Havana. Plus, attractive artistic venues as Victor Manuel Gallery and the Experimental Graph Workshop.

Doña Eutimia


This enchanting, private and personal paladar is the perfect location to sit down and relax in front of the Experimental Graph Workshop. Selected by the American magazine Newsweek as one of the best restaurants in Havana; this “hidden spot” is a very trendy place to go these days, so a massive tip: do your booking before going, at least 24 hours earlier or give us the chance to arrange it for you! Doña Eutimia has a very modern design with comfy sofas, cushions and a really nice background music. This is the right place to taste the creolle Cuban food; not too sophisticated but believe me, delicious as you can imagine! Highly recommended are the tasty croquettes, malanga fritters with honey and the house roasted chicken. This is not a cheap place but not too expensive though; price and quality relation is very well balanced.

Esto no es un Café

Esto no es un cafe

Thematic and multifunctional, this popular private restaurant offers a very interesting experience: Cuban, international and fusion food. You can breathe a young aroma, contemporary environment and the mixture of artistic influences in food. Also the design is really suggestive. Not a big place, smaller than Dona Eutimia yet totally relaxing. The first time I went here was recommended by a friend and she said: you cannot miss a Daiquiri. She was totally right! The best daiquiris (you can have strawberry, banana and lemon) that we, relative young Cuban people ;) have ever tried! Highly recommended are the lamb stew with blue cheese and the Cuban ripped beef. Very affordable, locally trendy and a nice atmosphere will take you back again…and again. They are also famous for their poster: “no stalker at the corner” because you’ll see many people in the entry of the alley trying to get you in any of the restaurant of the area. But none of them working for this restaurant and yet, you’ll never find it empty! 

Bianchini Pastry Shop


One of the best pastry confectionary in Havana will delight you if you give them a shot. The smell of fresh homemade bread, crunchy pastries and luxurious Cuban dark chocolate cannot be missed. At least for a cup of tea and a muffin…this is a compulsory visit for sweet lovers.
Nearby the alley you have important and attractive places to go around as Casa de la Obrapia, the Colonial Art Museum, restaurants El Patio and Bodeguita del Medio and really nice hotels like Tejadillo and Marques de Prado Ameno. For more informations contact us: